The Sweetest Moments.

Because of being on One Voice, I have had many wonderful opportunities to experience worship in different ways with various denominations. Because of these opportunities I have personally come to the conclusion that the music of worship does indeed affect the way that one’s heart responds during that time. When I think of moments that I have had true worship, my mind constantly goes back to a time when I was at a retreat in Austin and All Sons and Daughters, a Christian band, was leading. The instrumentation was folky and simple, and the lead singer consistently reminded those in the audience that God was the center of it all. What I found was that through its simplicity, the musicality in the songs provided clarity in the midst of many different sounds. Some people fear that excessive instrumentation in music provokes unnecessary emotion and causes worship to have a sense of fakeness. Although I think that theory can be true in some instances, music in general IS emotional, and I would invite the concept that music is one central way in which God touches those emotions and creates a sense of intimacy between worshipper and Lord. I believe that this intimacy can be accomplished in minimal other ways, and if the worship is centered on the Lord and is not a performance on the worship leader’s part, that instrumentation can be a very positive guide in hearing the voice of the Lord. Overall, I do believe that some of the sweetest moments of worshiping our Lord are when music is utilized for that very reason. And I do think that the components of musical worship affect how one responds to the voice of the Lord.


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